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EY In Country Value Oman

Solar Enhanced Oil Recovery: An In-Country Value Assessment for Oman

January 2014

In this report, Ernst & Young (EY) quantified the economic impact of widespread solar EOR deployment in the country of Oman. EY concluded that full-scale deployment of solar EOR by the end of 2023 could save 531,000 thousand cubic feet (mcf) of gas per day, generate up to 212,000 permanent jobs throughout the Sultanate and contribute $12B to Omani Gross Domestic Product (GDP) over the next decade.

EY In Country Value

SolarPACES: Performance of an Enclosed Trough EOR System in South Oman

September 2013

In a paper presented at SolarPACES 2013 and co-authored with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), GlassPoint’s VP of Engineering Ben Bierman examines the performance metrics of GlassPoint’s solar EOR system in Oman. Bierman’s research looks at plant reliability, rate of steam, and uptime during the first four months of operation. The system has injected a total of more than 5,000 tons of steam into the oilfield reservoir during the study period, exceeding contracted performance by an average of 10 percent.

SolarPACES Construction of Enclosed Trough

SolarPACES: Construction of an Enclosed Trough EOR System in South Oman

September 2013

A second paper presented at SolarPACES 2013 looks at the construction of GlassPoint’s solar EOR system in Oman. Bierman provides an overview of the unique challenges posed by the construction of a CSP system in a remote oilfield environment. Construction was completed in 11 months, on time and on budget, with zero lost time injuries.


Solar Steam Generators for Enhanced Oil Recovery

June 2013

At the 2013 Solar Oilfields Conference, GlassPoint CEO Rod MacGregor explains how solar thermal technologies can be used to produce steam for enhanced oil recovery. This cost-competitive solution is ideally suited for the oilfield environment, and generates in-country value by freeing up natural gas for higher value uses within the country.


Enclosed Parabolic Trough Technology: Reducing Costs and Creating a New Market for CSP

July 2013

In GlassPoint’s presentation at Intersolar North America 2013, John O’Donnell explores CSP technologies through history, discussing why GlassPoint’s Enclosed Trough design provides a new take on the traditional architecture. This presentation explores some of the reasons why the Enclosed Trough design is ideally suited for oilfield environments, and shares performance data from the first few months of operations at GlassPoint’s 7 MW Solar EOR facility with Petroleum Development Oman.

GlassPoint Solar Generated Steam for Oil Recovery

Solar-Generated Steam for Oil Recovery: Reservoir Simulation, Economic Analysis, and Life Cycle Assessment

March 22, 2012

Presentation from the SPE Western Regional Meeting by Dr. Anthony Kovscek, a renowned expert in thermal oil recovery. The presentation summarizes the results of a Stanford University study, which modeled thermal EOR operations in the San Joaquin Valley over a 20-year period. The study found that solar EOR delivered the highest profitability, lowest emissions, and lowest economic risk compared to gas-fired steam generation and cogeneration. Download SPE Paper 153806.

Raymond James Solar EOR Report

Raymond James: Can Solar Thermal Technology Transform the Economics of Enhanced Oil Recovery?

March 7, 2011

Research brief from Raymond James analyst Pavel Molchanov on the economics and market potential for solar EOR in North America and the Middle East.

Solar generated steam oil recovery report

The Impact of Daily and Seasonal Cycles in Solar-Generated Steam on Oil Recovery

April 2010

Findings from a series of well simulations conducted by Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) and Shell Oman that concluded from a “sub-surface oil recovery point of view, solar-generated steam provides a viable alternative to constant rate steam injection derived from natural gas.”

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