What is solar enhanced oil recovery (EOR)?

GlassPoint and Petroleum Development Oman commission the Middle East’s first solar EOR project

GlassPoint CEO Rod MacGregor talks solar EOR at CERAWeek 2013

GlassPoint’s automated washing system reduces operating expenses

Oil industry veterans explain why GlassPoint’s solar steam technology will revolutionize EOR

Congressman Kevin McCarthy on solar EOR and the road to energy independence

Aerial footage of Berry Petroleum’s solar EOR project

PDO Technology Advisor Syham Bentouati presents study on solar EOR and variable-rate steaming

CIPA CEO Rock Zierman on lowering costs of heavy oil production

GlassPoint CEO Rod MacGregor at Berry Petroleum project commissioning

Rapid deployment of a GlassPoint solar steam generator

Berry Petroleum’s Michael Duginski on partnering with GlassPoint

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