Berry Petroleum

McKittrick, California, USA

Berry Petroleum

“We designed this project with the needs of oilfield operators in mind and developed a solution that is well suited to deployment in harsh environments.”

—Stuart Heisler, P.E., principal and engineering manager at T.J. Cross Engineers

Featured in Reuters, New York Times, and Scientific American

In February 2011, GlassPoint unveiled the world’s first commercial solar enhanced oil recovery (EOR) project at Berry Petroleum’s 21Z lease in Kern County, California. Built in less than six weeks—a testament to GlassPoint’s architecture and execution capability–the system uses the sun’s radiant heat to produce approximately 1 million Btus per hour of solar heat.

GlassPoint partnered with local firms TJ Cross Engineers and PCL Industrial Services to construct the system, which spans 7,000 square feet of land on the 100-year old oilfield. The enclosed trough preheats water to 190°F used as feedwater for Berry Petroleum’s gas-fired steam generators.

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