GlassPoint steam generators were designed to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry. They accept exactly the same feed water quality as an oilfield once through steam generator (OTSG) and they generate exactly the same steam conditions. Particular attention has been paid to minimizing both capital costs and operating costs, bearing in mind the unique Health Safety and Environmental (HSE) requirements of the oilfield environment.

Recognizing that the capital cost of existing solar fields was far too high for oilfield applications, GlassPoint pioneered enclosed trough technology. In an enclosed trough solar field, the mirrors, aiming system and other vulnerable components are protected inside a commercial glasshouse structure of the type normally used for agriculture. By substituting a commodity mass-produced glasshouse for low volume custom designed solar components, GlassPoint was able to significantly reduce the high capital costs normally associated with solar steam. In addition, because glasshouses have automated roof washing systems the operation and maintenance costs of enclosed troughs are much lower than those of older exposed mirror designs.

How Enclosed Trough Works

  1. There are no solar panels in a GlassPoint system. Instead, curved aluminum mirrors are sealed inside an agricultural glasshouse
  2. The mirrors automatically track the sun throughout the day, focusing sunlight on a stationary boiler tube containing water
  3. The heat from the sun boils the water to efficiently produce high pressure steam
Use Less Oil


Using solar steam generators during the day and fuel-fired steam generators at night reduces the amount of fuel burned to generate steam for EOR by up to 80%.

Enhanced Oil Recovery is Sealed from Dust


Sealing vulnerable components inside a glasshouse protects them from sand and dust, improves thermal efficiency, and reduces O&M costs.

Enhanced Oil Recovery offers lowest cost


Enclosed trough technology enables solar steam to be produced at a cost similar to steam produced by burning natural gas in many parts of the world.

Oilfield water


GlassPoint solar steam generators minimize water treatment costs by using the same feed water as oilfield once through steam generators.

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